How It Works

Easy Gallery for Shopify is an for Shopify. To use it, simply sign in here, and follow the prompts to add it to your store.

Creating a Gallery

Once you’ve added the app to your Shopify shop, you can create a new Gallery, and select a theme and dimensions (don’t worry, you can change your choices later!). If you have chosen a responsive theme, then the dimensions are for the maximum width and maximum height that the images will be able to reach.

Once you’ve created a Gallery, you are ready to add slides to it.

Pro Tip: To get optimal results, it’s a good idea to have some great quality images using consistent dimensions prepared by your designer.

Adding slides to your Gallery

When adding a slide you should specify where it should link to. The interface is similar to the way you create a link in the Shopify admin, so it should be familiar to you. You can link to individual products, collections of products, Shopify pages or to URLs.

Once you have created your slides, you can preview your gallery using the Preview button. If you like you can try out different themes. You can preview your gallery as many times as you like.

Adding the Gallery to your store

To add the gallery to your store, you first have to select a plan. Please note that the monthly plans all come with a 7 day free trial.

After you have selected a plan you are presented with a small code snippet which you must cut and paste into your template, wherever you would like your gallery to be displayed. The Easy Gallery for Shopify app will replace this code with your selected gallery.

If you’ve never looked at your Shopify theme before, don’t worry — we have a guide for the most common placement positions (and you only have to do this once per gallery!). You can place the gallery on as many templates as you like, but please note each gallery you create has it’s own identifying code snippet.

That’s it!

Once a gallery has been added to your store, you can still change the contents of the slides, the images, the links and even the theme and dimensions of your gallery. All of your changes are updated on your shopfront in real time.

Note that we store your galleries in a specially-created theme called “sg”. You don’t need to worry about this theme, but you shouldn’t delete it. If you do, don’t worry, help is in our FAQ.

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