What is Easy Gallery for Shopify?

Easy Gallery is a Shopify app which provides an easy way to add Carousels, Sliders, Galleries and Lookbooks to your Shopify shop, without needing to write any code. See it in action here!

Why does it exist?

We use Shopify to create eCommerce stores for our clients; in the past we were frustrated by how complicated it was to make sliders, carousels and galleries. After the umpeenth project stuffing around trying to get blog posts or template settings to handle the slides, we decided there must be an easier way.

So we created this Shopify app to take care of all the complicated javascript and integration work for you.

Who is it for?

Easy Gallery for Shopify is for shop owners who manage their own shop, and also for creative agencies who create Shopify websites for their clients, and want to enable them to manage their own animated galleries.

How do I install it on my Shopify Store?

Simply go to our Sign In page, and follow the prompts. Before your gallery can appear on your Shopify store you will need to select a plan. All plans come with a 7 day free trial (you can change your mind at any time).

How much does it cost?

We have monthly payment options beginning at a low $9 / month. All plans come with a 7 day free trial.

How am I charged?

You will be billed by Shopify, on your normal monthly payment date, on the first regular payment date after your 7 day free trial has expired (free trial only applies to monthly plans). Users will then be subsequently billed the same amount each month thereafter until you change or remove your plan.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes. All our plans come with a 7 day free trial period, you are free to change your mind at anytime.

Is there any lock-in contract?

No. You can change your mind and remove the the app from your store at any time.

I’ve added the app to my store, how can I find it again?

Just go into your store’s admin, then select “Easy Gallery” from the apps menu.

Where are the my files kept?

Everything that goes on your shopfront goes in a new theme that we automatically create in your store called, “sg”; this way all your files are served from the Shopify CDN.

What happens if I accidentally delete the “sg” theme?

Don’t worry. It’s easy to recreate. Just go into your store’s admin, then select “Easy Gallery” from the apps menu, then open up your gallery and hit “save”. You should find that everything is back to normal within a few seconds.

How can I remove it from my store?

That’s easy too. Just remove the app from your account using the Shopify admin screen.

Where can I get help?

Please use our contact form for questions or technical support.

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